Laboratory and Scientific Oven
- Economical All Purpose Oven
- Leak Test Apparatus
- Melting Point Apparatus
- B.O.D. Incubator
- Griffin Flask Shaker
- Dry Bath
- Heating Mantle
- Humidity Oven



Furnaces, Ovens, Dryers, Autoclaves, Laboratory Oven, Scientific Oven, Industrial Oven, Gas Furnace.


SAKAV OVENS DRYERS & FURNACES was started on Tuesday 14th December 2004 as a Propertior organization, taking over Business of Shirsat Electronics wholly dedicated to indigenous development and production of various standard & custom-built Ovens, Dryers and Furnaces.

Ovens, Dryers and Furnaces are generally required by Food, Chemical, Engineering, Glass, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, Environmental, Dairy, Cosmetic, Industrial, Electrical, Electronics, Packaging and Printing Equipment Manufacturers and Various Industrial Applications.

We specialize in Design, Manufacture and Supply of Electric and Flue Fired Ovens, Dryers and Furnaces.

Today our Company has touched a turnover of more than Rs. 100,00,000 per annum.

Major reason for our flawless reputation in these fields may be attributed mainly to :   

* Completely indigenous know-how.
* Constant up-gradation in Design procedures to keep pace with the latest   Technology.
* Active after-sales back up to cater commissioning and Erection supervision if necessary.
* High level R & D activities to accommodate most modern trend for various application.
* Realistic delivery schedule adhered to, for completion of various custom built equipment. 

SAKAV OVENS DRYERS & FURNACES within a short span has established an unmatched reputation for Technical Excellence. The natural of above is a large number of absolutely satisfied customers all over the country and an ever increasing trend in our list of major customers.






22, Dewan Industrial P. C. S. Ltd. No.4, Near Dumping Ground, Navghar, Vasai Road (E),
District Thane - 401210
Maharashtra, India.

Tel No. : (0250) 2392946 / 2393264
Mob : +91- 9322405122
Fax No. : (0250) 2391950

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   Laboratory and Scientific Oven
   Industrial Oven
   Vacuum Ovens
   Tray and Walk-in Dryer
   Garment Curing Oven
- Lab Bench Oven
- Scientific Waterbath
- AutoClaves
- Bacteriological Incubators
- Low Temperature Incubators
- Dial Type Hardness Tester
- Hot Plate
Industrial Oven
- Industrial Heavy-Duty Ovens
- Top Loading Ovens
- Inert Atmospheric Ovens
   [High Temp.]
- Walk-In Oven [Combination Air    flow Rear Heat Chamber]
- Loading Trucks and Shelves
- Bakery & Hotel Ovens
- Conveyor Ovens
- Shrink Packing Ovens
- Inert Atmospheric Ovens
- Truck Ovens
- Walk-In Ovens
- Walk-In Horizontal [Air Flow   Rear Heat Chamber]
- High Temp. Walk-In Ovens
- Infra Red Systems
- Tunnel Ovens
Vacuum Ovens
Tray and Walk-in Dryer
Garment Curing Oven
- Tube Dryers
- Conveyor Dryers
- Spray Drying Systems
- Fluid Bed Dryers
- Rotary Dryer
- Rotary Louvre Dryer
- Batch Type Dryer
- Drum Dryers
- Tray Dryers
- Bin Dryer
- Vacuum Shelf Dryers
- Vibrating Dryers
- Bench Furnaces
- Tempering Furnaces
   [Electric & Gas]
- High Temp Box Furnaces
- Muffle Furnace
- Tempering Bench Furnaces
- Box Furnaces
- Pit Furnaces