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    Vacuum Shelf Dryers


Vacuum Shelf dryers provide rapid drying of heat sensitive, air-sensitive & pyrophoric materials, or materials that require drying without agitation. Heat sensitive materials can be dried at low temperatures under vacuum, since the environmental pressure is reduced below the vapour-pressure of the contained water or solvents. Oxidation or Contamination by Air is eliminated. Recovery of expensive solvents can be virtually complete. Hollow Fibers, Medical Devices, Chemical Salts, Fine Chemicals, Dyes, Glandular Products, Pharmaceuticals and Food Extracts (Gluten, Glues, Pepsin), Rubber Explosive, etc. are ideally suited for drying in this manner.

Vacuum Shelf Dryers


Principally, Drying under vacuum is environmentally friendly because the Evaporated Solvents can easily be re-condensed. These solvents can then either be recycled or disposed of without any problem.

Drying of solvents in Ex-proof ovens may solve the safety problem in the oven but not the environmental aspect. The solvent vapour is blown out of the oven through the exhaust system Furthermore, there is a risk of uncontrolled mixture formation.



Vacuum Shelf Dryers


  • A major design feature incorporated in this series of vacuum dryers is the placement of all shelf and manifold connection outside of the chamber, avoiding the possibility that leaks might develop within a chamber and contaminate the product being dried. This feature also simplifies the maintenance of these connection by making access to them more convenient.

  • Charge temperature measuring facility provides exact picture of the process. It measures the temperature directly at charge (material). A PT-100 Temp. Sensor enters the vacuum chamber via connection at the top Rear.

  • "SANDWICH" Type High Thermal efficiency Stainless Steel Shelves with the heat transfer fluid circulation. Even heat distribution through whole shelf surface by baffles within shelves.

  • Chamber walls are heated externally to prevent condensation on the internal walls.

  • Rounded edges in walls shelves and product trays in order to facilitate cleaning and prevent accumulation of dry product residue and practical formation


Vacuum Shelf Dryers
Vacuum Shelf Dryers

Technical Specifications


EE 6 EE 12 EE 18 EE 24 EE 36 EE 48

No. of Trays:

800 X 400 X 32 MMS

06 12 18 24 36 48
Number of shelf 06 12 18 24 36 48
Number of chambers 01 02 03 04 04 06
Surface Area- m2 2.0 4.0 6.0 8.0 12.0 16.0
Vacuum Level Attainable mms of Hg. 700 700 700 700 700 700
Vacuum Drop in 24 Hrs mms of Hg. 75 75 75 75 90 90
Capacity Pump Cap m3 /hr 51 51 85 85 170 170
Fluid Heater - kw. 3 4 6 9 12 18

Single Chamber Shelf Dryers also available on request.

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