Dial Type Hardness Tester

Bulletin HT - 924


  • Gives Validated Hardness Measurement for Tablets, s per GMP norms
  • Scientifically - designed for Precise Accuracy
  • The instrument can also be mounted on Tabletting machine.
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Tests tablets upto 25 mm diameter
  • Dial calibrated for 0-20 kgf with a least count of 0.2 kgf


Load is applied by hand to a lever transmitting pressure from the tablet to be crushed, through a compression load spring registering the force onto a calibrated dial gauge. This dial gauge is provided with a "Main" as well as a "Follower" reading hands. As the level is pressed, both hands move in tandem. And, once the tablet is broken, the main hand comes back to zero position, while the follower hand remains locked at the reading to denote the breaking force. This facilitates accurate recording of the reading.


he crushing of a tablet results in tablet splinters flying in all directions. To prevent this, an acrylic guard surrounding the tablet-crushing chamber is provided. The splinters are thus restricted to the chamber. After the test is over, the acrylic guard can be swiveled and the splinters removed with the help of a brush.
Tablet hardness tester is supplied in elegant wooden box with Stand, Adapter for validation, Allen Key and cleaning brush.

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