Humidity Oven

Bulletin HC - 811


The system offers reproducible temperature and humidity conditions applicable to test in the field of research, development, production and quality control with the following uses:

  • Condition of samples.
  • Accelerated shelf life studies.
  • Stability testing for storage and intermediate storage by Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic Industry.
  • Climatic conditioning for Plant Research, Pesticide Research and Zoology.
  • Testing of components for defense and aerospace.
  • Reliability evaluations of electronic/ electrical/ components.
  • Telecommunication Instrument Testing.
  • Conditioning of paper and textile products for many more test applications in various industries.


Made out of thick, non-rusting aluminium sheet & body painted outside by stoving black enamel paint.

  • Construction such as to give continuous working for long duration test. Control accuracy of temperature upto + 0. 2°C and humidity better than +3% RH
  • Uniformity of conditions throughout the chamber even under stacked condition.
  • Fast recovery of the set conditions after the door is opened.
  • Microprocessor based programmable control system with PID control action.
  • Humidity directly displayed in % RH.
  • Capacitor type humidity sensors available which requires no wet wick and water supply (optional)
  • Printer interface facility to print Temperature, Humidity, Date and Time.
  • PC interface with RS 485 (optional)
  • Built-in high temperature audiovisual safety alarms and manual reset for double safety protections.
  • Complete stainless steel chambers also available.

With outstanding accuracy & total reliability, the SAKAV climatic chamber is by far the specialist for the precise, standard compliant simulation of constant climatic conditions. At the same time the SAKAV climatic chamber provides a low cost alternative to expensive test chambers or test rooms.

For stability tests, durability tests & photostability tests, long term storage must carried out & documented according to internationally valid, or under exactly defined conditions.

Many well-known Pharmaceutical companies, all over the world, use the climatic chamber for this demanding task. There is no area in which the climatic parameters have no influence on materials or their life span. The climatic chamber SAKAV has unlimited uses for all applications under constant climatic conditions, from the defined conditioning of polymers to the conditioning of Tobacco, this is proven by the thousands of installations in the most varied Industry area.


The SAKAV climatic chamber is especially suitable for the carrying out of stability tests on drugs & drug substances according to the current guideline, in order to find out whether the substances to be tested remain stable during a defined period of time under the aging factors temperature & humidity, the SAKAV climatic chamber was developed in accordance to the requirements stipulated. In the internationally binding guideline & fulfills these requirement completely.

Stability tests carried out in accordance to the above guideline are carried out under the following conditions.

1) 2Long term2 Test during 12 months at 25℃ (± 2℃) 60% Rh (± 5%)
2) 2Accelerated2 Test during 6 months at 40℃ (± 2℃) 75% Rh (± 5%)
3) 2Intermediate2 Test during 6 months at 30℃ (± 2℃) 60% Rh (± 5%)

Firstly the sequential test, i.e. in addition to the temperature and humidity, the short period photo-ageing is separately carried out with extremely strong light with a defined lighting specification -or the simultaneous ageing in the SAKAV Climatic Chamber with temperature, humidity and light. In the latter case, it can be fitted with the respective optional light. For further information please refer to the technical specifications.

Construction :

Double Walled construction with inside madeS.S.304 and outside M.S. powder coated having leak proof joints for strength durability and impermeability through moisture.

Insulation :

Inside S.S. and outside M.S. will be insulated with special polyurethane foam (PUF) / glasswool insulation of 3" thick to prevent loss of cooling and heating effect. All the joints are leak proof joints for strength durability and impermeability through moisture.

Finish :

Externally powder coated in pleasant colour and internal polish buff for long life and good finish of the chamber.

Heating System :

The heating system consists of S.S. nichrome wire embedded 'U' shape air heaters that are left in the chamber in a duct. The heating capacity will be of 1 KW approx. to take the temperature upto 800C from ambient.

Cooling System

Cooling system with high efficiency compressor with state of art Bypass system to avoid over loading the compressor during long duration test.
The cooling system consists of compressor of Kirloskar make with other standard accessories such as solenoid valve drier, cooling fan, condenser, evaporator etc. As per the specific temperature requirements.

Humidity System

It is achieved by steam injection with the help of boiler that is fitted with ball cock valve.

Control System :

All the types of humidity chambers are with microprocessor based PID controller with digital display. It will display set values, as well as actual values with a control accuracy at + 0.20C. The control panel is complete with contactors, fusers, connectors, indicator lamps and wiring ass per IS code.

Trays :

Two nos. Stainless steel trays will be provided with each chamber, however arrangement will be made to accommodate total 4 nos. trays

Power :

Works on 230 V AC single phase.


Control System : Microprocessor based PID controller of Dry bulb & Wet Bulb
Temperature Range : 20℃ to 80℃ from ambient
Humidity Range : 40% RH to 98% RH
Accuracy : +0.2℃ and +3% RH


45cm x 45cm x 45cm
57cm x 57cm x 85cm
60cm x 60cm x 90cm


1. Direct % RH electronic capacitor type imported sensors which will avoid wick cup & water
2. Safety Thermostat to shut off the boiler and air heater in case of over shoot of temperature
3. S.S. perforated trays for above said size Rs. 1,500/-

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