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Steam Tube Dryers

The Sakav Steam Tube Dryer was developed to dry high moisture organic by-products such as brewer's and distiller's spent grain. Today, this dryer serves thousands of applications, drying and processing inorganic and organic chemicals and other bulk solid materials.

The steam tube dryer generally operates at a lower temperature than other dryers and rotates at a slower speed. Material tumbles gently around the tubes which rotate with the shell, unlike the friction forces required by other types of dryers to process material. Consequently, it enjoys a longer life than most dryers and requires very little maintenance. Sakav Steam Tube Dryers have proved superior to other types of indirect-heat dryer installations in which hot gas, rather than steam, is used as the heat source. Maintenance savings alone have often prompted replacement of other dryer systems with the Steam Tube Dryer

Offering the highest thermal efficiency

The Sakav Continuous Seal Steam Tube Dryer offers tremendous advantages for solvent extraction or drying in an inert gas atmosphere. The CS unit's revolutionary design permits material to be processed in a positive or negative pressure atmosphere and alleviates product and gas leakage into or out of the dryer.

The dryer is operated as a counterflow unit. Air moves in the opposite direction of material flow. Sweep gas flow is used only to exhaust vapor and other gases created by the heating process, not to dry material.

Low sweep gas velocity through the dryer vastly reduces the amount of product entrained in the exhaust stream.

During solvent extraction, this not only means significant savings in the size and cost of recovery equipment, but simplifies dust collection requirements and reduces the cost of equipment required to handle the task.

Offering the highest containment and recovery efficiency

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