Low Temperature Incubators

Bulletin LI - 927

Whether in biotechnology, zoology & botany, whether in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food industry, or medicines, test at temperatures between room temperature & ±0°C are gaining importance. Here it is not only a question of excellent thermosetting accuracy but only a unrestricted time - dependent programming, of optimum, reproducibility & of documentation of the important test processes. In close co-operation with discerning users we have included these set new standards but also impress with a particularly high level of functionality.


The outer cabinet & inner chamber is manufactured from High Quality Polished Stainless Steel & regular models from quality mild steel finished with hardwearing powder coated. The cabinet is insulated with best quality fiber glasswool or polyurethane foam.

Double walled insulated door allows full access to the working chamber


Heating is achieved by Low Surface Temperature Heaters. And they are located in side duct close to circulation fan. Hermetically sealed compressor coupled with evaporation coil and fan cooled condenser provides cooling below ambient temperature.


State of the Art Microprocessor based temperature controller controls temperature. Temperature is independently sensed by PT-100 Sensor. Microprocessor takes care of any overshooting or undershooting of temperature. Control system also controls automatically cooling and heating devices i.e. Heaters and Compressors. Cyclic Temperature Programming is also available as an option. The Controller Optionally allows taking printouts of temperature with real time clocks.


A powerful fan located in the side duct of the working chamber re-circulates the internal atmosphere. A perforated false floor ensures an even vertical airflow throughout the working chamber. The air traveling upwards is extracted by a Fan and is guided through the side duct comprises of an electric heater, a heat exchanger (cooling coil).
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