Melting Point Apparatus

Bulletin MA - 928


  • Magnifying lens for capillaries
  • Heats up to 300°C in 9 minutes
  • Specially designed heater for uniform heating
  • Provision for 3 meeting point tubes
  • Shadow less illumination


A sturdy & heavy aluminium casting forms casing which encloses heating block & controls.Heating block is made up of aluminium & accepts three capillary tubes & a mercury thermometer {Thermometer is optional extra}. The block is heated by two elements clamped on sides. Exterior of casing is finish painted with enamel paint.

Temperature Rise & Controls

Temperature is raised from room temperature to 200°C in 4 to 5 minutes & to 300°C in 9 minutes. Heaters are regulated by a in built controller witch gives an accurate adjustment of the rate of increase of temperature as melting point is approached. Maximum temperature can be obtained is 350°C.

Illuminating &Viewing Of Sample

The built in lamp provides uniform & Shadow less illumination of sample tubes that are viewed through a focusable lens against either dark or bright background selected by rotating a knob to rear of the apparatus.

Optional Accessory

Cooling plug for heating block. This is a water-cooled mental plug for inserting in the thermometer pocket for rapid cooling of heating block. It reduces cooling time considerably.

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