Vibrating Dryer



Fluidization of wet materials such as tea, grated coconut, spices and any Granular / powder is not possible by air alone. The SAKAV VFBD uses a combination of Vibration and a Special Air Distribution plate to effectively fluidize such materials.

Compact design of the SAKAV VFBD enables single pass drying, making it an ideal and fuel efficient drying equipment.


Robust design / Long life Hygienic construction Minimum space requirement Suits any heater / fuel Easy to operate


The Machine consist of a Vibratory Conveyor over which is moulded either a gas fired infra red manifold. or an electrical manifold, or any other HotAir Media, steam, Gas etc. The material is fed onto the vibratory conveyor from a feed vibrator controlled by a rheostat. As the material pass under the infra-red burners they are subjected to a continuous vibration in order to turn the material over many times. This enables all the material to receive an equal amount of of infra-red burners can be varied so that the material can be dried, roasted or for various periods, in order that the materials may reach an internal temperature. The hot material are then immediately elevated into an insulated maturing holding bin. where they continue to cook with their own residual heat, for predetermined periods which can be varied as desired. Depending on the final reduction of moisture.

A measured quantity of material is fed onto a specially designed stainless steel perforated vibrating plate mounted on an aerodynamically designed plenum chamber. The entire assembly of plenum chamber and perforated plate is suspended on spring and vithrealed with electric Balanced Meter. Hot air from the heat source is sucked in and forced through the plenum chamber by a hot air blower.

The plant is complete with feed hopper, electrical control, cooler, insulated maturing holding bind, cooling fan. cyclone and airtrunking.



Output from 25 Kgs. / Hr. to 2 Tones / Hr. Heating Capacity varies from machine to machine depending material, Drying Time & etc.


All parts in contact with the product are in Stainless Steel constructions. The entire vibrating bed assembly is encased in a rugged self-supporting casing of channel frame construction.

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